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Beads need to be charged to glow. They glow brightest after being charged in sunlight or under a LED light. 
Made using easy to clean silicone beads, measuring about 15mm (round beads). The clear elastic has a slight stretch to allow it to slide onto most wrists.
Include swivel clasp and a separate key ring.
Dimensions, approximate
interior circumference 7.5”
A larger size may be able to be made by request.
Avoid the frustration of digging in your bag or purse to find your keys. Fashionable as a bracelet but just as functional. Perfect gift for teachers to hold their room keys. Students can easily keep track of their house keys. Since they are made of silicone beads they won't absorb sweat making them great to keep your locker keys handy at the gym.

shopupz inactive shopupz inactive shopupz inactiveColors may vary between lots.

Floral Blue China Beaded Wristlet Key Fob, Glow in the Dark

SKU: CES-GlowLace-KF
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