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Shiny Gold-Rose Gold Ombré Beadable Pen, DIY Beaded Pen
  • Shiny Gold-Rose Gold Ombré Beadable Pen, DIY Beaded Pen

    PriceFrom $1.75
    Bring our your creative side. Hand make your own beaded pen made with easy to use plastic pens. These beautiful pens can be handcrafted to reflect your unique style or to create the perfect gift. The lightweight ballpoint pen features refillable black ink and a twist closure. Made from a high-quality plastic to keep the pens lightweight even when beads are added. 
    Pens are approximately 5.75 inches (146mm) long with approximately 2 inches (51mm) to be used for beading and a maximum width of .4 inches(11mm). Fits beads with 1.75mm or larger hole. Check out my store for a variety of beads to complete your look.
    Size of Pen : 11mm x 146mm
    Min Bead Hole Size : 1.75mm
    Beadable Size : 50-55mm
    Material : Plastic
    Ink Color : Black
    Writing Width | 1mm
    DISCLAIMER: Beads can pose choking hazards. Children should never be left unattended with loose beads.
    Despite every effort to accurately represent each product's color, actual colors may vary due to difference in computer monitor/mobile device settings. I do not produce the materials that my items are made from and am not associated with any licensed company.Colors may vary between lots.
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