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I am truly passionate about creating unique and special items that not only bring joy to your day but also make your life a little easier. I understand the joy that comes from creating something beautiful and functional, and my goal is to provide you with the tools and inspiration you need to bring your ideas to life. I want to inspire your creative side or help you lead a more organized and carefree lifestyle.

Every unique handmade creation is meticulously crafted with love and care. These items are perfect for adding a personal touch to your home or gifting to loved ones. Whether you're looking for yourself or the perfect gift you've come to the best place. The keychains, bags and accessories are perfect for your next trip to the parks, to keep the magic alive between trips or just create an item that expresses the unique you.

I understand that everyone has unique tastes and preferences. That's why I offer custom orders to cater to your specific needs. If you have a specific design or idea in mind, I'll work closely with you to bring it to life. I believe that the act of making something with your own hands brings immense joy and fulfillment.

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Text saying "Beads and Hardware to Inspire Your Creative Side"
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Stunning hand-crafted beaded key fobs, keychains, lanyards and pens with gorgeous rhinestone beads along with easy to clean silicone beads. Add a bit of your style to a fashionable and functional accessory.


 Add a little magic to your every day. Make it a set with a coordinating pen, keychain, lanyard and key fob.


Some styles aren't listed for each design. Message me if you don't see the style available or to customize your own design.


Meet the Maker | Kara M

Kara is a person with a full heart and a contagious joy for life. Her ultimate goal is to spread joy and happiness through her work. Seeing the smiles on her customers' faces when they use her products brings her immense satisfaction and fulfillment.

She is also a devoted mother of four, juggling the demands of parenthood with her passion for creating. Despite the challenges, Kara's love for her children fuels her determination to succeed in both her personal and professional life.

If you ever come across Kara's creations, be prepared to be captivated by her attention to detail, her passion for crafting, and her unwavering commitment to spreading joy. She is a true maker with a heart full of love and a goal to make the world a happier place, one stitch or bead at a time.

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